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Invite a Friend

Want to Invite a Friend?

Do you love GO Church? Of course! And we feel confident that your friends and family will too. Below are 10 practical tips on how to invite someone to church. Give it a try… Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Social Media

Copy and paste, drag and drop, or right click and save this image and post it to your social media. Almost everyone is on social media these days. You never know who will see this and join you this Sunday at GO Church! Make sure to use the hashtag #MyGOChurch.

Buy Someone’s Coffee

On your next stop at your favorite coffee spot, buy the coffee of the person behind you. This will open the door to a conversation where you can then simply say, “Come with me to GO Church this weekend, we offer free coffee every Sunday!”

Talk to Your Neighbor

Odds are, you see your neighbors every single day at some point. Next time you see them tell them how much you love your church and how you think they would too.

Office Evite

Send a co-worker an e-invite with a link to our church’s website, with a note that says: “Just thought you might connect with what our church is going to be talking about this weekend.”

Spread “The Word”

Send a link to one of our church’s online sermons with a note that says: “When I heard this message, I thought about what you’ve been going through…”

Use the Info Card

Take an info card into your work or school and give it to someone and say, “Check out my church! You would love this place!”

Share a Meal

Invite someone to lunch on Sunday and then say: “Hey, would you guys be interested at all in meeting us at our church beforehand, and THEN going to eat?”. The only criteria is to be sure they aren’t attending church somewhere else!

Have a Sleepover/Playdate

With permission, invite a family friend’s child over to spend the night with your children on Saturday Night and then ask the family’s permission to take their child on to church with you and drop them off afterward.

“Be My Guest” Card

Stop by the Next Steps Table on your way out of the gathering any Sunday and pick up some “Be My Guest” cards. Hand them out during your lunch time or during the week!

Sample Conversation Points

“Hey, what would I have to do to talk you into giving God and the church one more shot this week?”

“Hey, are you going to church anywhere right now? Why don’t you come hang out with me this weekend at our church?”

“You would not believe what my church is going to be doing this next weekend…”